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Sat, 17 Nov 2018 22:01:57 GMT

Julian Edelman's Girlfriend

He definately spent more time there last year

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 22:01:03 GMT

Julian Edelman's Girlfriend

His q & a thing was a joke. And none of those questions were even on his ig. That was a crazy mob though!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 21:41:43 GMT

Robert Covington's Girlfriend

He still follows her like the dumb puppy he is

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 21:41:06 GMT

Sheamus's Girlfriend

Sheamus didn't post SHIT about the stalker. If I lived in someone's house, would someone assumed we are dating? No. Probably a roomie but definitely not dating.

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 21:40:19 GMT

Casey Hayward's Girlfriend

It’s not small but it isn’t big either

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 21:33:43 GMT

Julian Edelman's Girlfriend

But he always looks like he really enjoys his time with the best buddies kids

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 21:32:04 GMT

Julian Edelman's Girlfriend

Whoever is doing his videos is doing a terrible job

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 21:19:59 GMT

Julian Edelman's Girlfriend

*thigh, not though

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 21:19:35 GMT

Julian Edelman's Girlfriend

I used to think it was because his though muscles are so big, but this year its a lot more pronounced.
Everyone it's outside waiting for him to show up, so once he gets there, he will have to get mic'd up and everything. I think that's so tacky. But there are a lot of people there and they look excited

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 21:08:09 GMT

Julian Edelman's Girlfriend

He's late for his q & a at the shop

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 19:57:31 GMT

Jimmy Garoppolo's Girlfriend

16:40 - VP isnt a physical job so that's a bad comparison. I wouldn't want my brain surgeon to be the guy who's sat back and watched for four years and only tried a few times. and no his HS, and college starts don't count either because he was not playing against NFL level athletes and not to mention he was in a crappy division in college so he wasn't even playing against really good teams. two starts in 3.5 years in NE was next to nothing. His starts last year were rarely against first stringers for more than a quarter. He basically has nine (?) games of actual NFL experience and a lot against second stringers. 9 games is a rookie. Mahomes is in his first year and has as many starts as JG so i dont know what else you can call it.

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 19:45:32 GMT

Julian Edelman's Girlfriend

26:05- she will probably have to recycle some, or take another naked pic of herself in the mirror. But she will definately post something!
I wonder why she was flown in last night instead of Sunday night, if its for work? Maybe she found a new man! Lol
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